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Problems about high voltage 6/10V power distributionProductsMain functions
Influenced by harmonic:

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WFCpassiveharmonic suppression reactive
power compensation equipment
◆ Absorb the main harmonic from system as well
as compensate reactive power
◆ Assure that power quality of net keep stable
and increase the power factor
◆Reduce line loss, maintain the good
electricity environment and safe work of the equipment

High voltage dynamic fluctuation load occurs:

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WZBY voltage adjustment style high voltage dynamic reactive ?power compensation equipment

◆ Regulated capacitor will not depart from electric network.. The Capacitor and reactance retreat under low voltage, which has no impact on electric network and electrical equipment and increase system safety performance
◆ Small regulation range, quite precise reactive-power compensation. Dynamic compensation can avoid reactive-power over compensation and less compensation of capacitor. Voltage fluctuation and self integrated loss are both little.

The radius of power supply extend , line loss, and voltage quality down occurs:

WSVR automatic voltage adjustment compensation control equipment

◆ The equipment has large capacity, low wasting, and protection for over- current and under- voltage as well as provides automatic close locking.
◆ Follow voltage change, high degree of regulating voltage, wide range of voltage regulation and stably working.
◆ Combine the automatic voltage regulator and automatic reactive-power compensation so as to reduce wasting and save energy all-around.

High coil motor of heavy load start:

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WP5、WVPstatic phase advancer◆ Automatically regulate the power factor according to the change in the load to raise the power factor of compensation in situ to over 0.96
◆ Reduce the copper loss and iron loss of stator side and the temperature rise of stator is reduced. Improve the over load capacity of motor and prolong the working life of the motor.
For over load section:

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WBBhigh voltage reactive power compensation equipment◆ Raise the power factor of line tip, reduce the reactive power current and increase the capacity of conveying active power.
◆Reduce line loss and increase capacity of transformers.
◆Adjust the voltage of line end and improve the quality of power supply.
High voltage motor with large power:

enCement Industry(图5)

Whether it is high voltage Wound rotor motor or high voltage cage motor, both can use soft starter (WYQ6 liquid resistor starter, WLQ4 cage motor starter, WGQH high voltage solid soft starter etc.)◆ Successfully improve start rate and reduce the impact torque, steady start to reduce voltage fluctuation of power net side.
◆ Improve the quality of electricity network and voltage, assure the steady voltage of line, increase power factor from start to work of motor by improving load of upper transformers.
High temperature fan and pumps with large power (high voltage ):

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WYT3 liquid resistor speed regulator◆ According to direct proportion of output axis and rotation speed’s cubic, effect of obvious power-saving will be gained especially in regulating speed and motive
◆ Not only improve the efficiency of equipment, but also meet the need of manufacturing technique
◆ Reduce the power wasting of pumps and fans.


Customer Requirements:
—Reduce the electric power changes all-around
—Optimize the energy resource structur
—Increase the operating factor of unit quantity of electricity and productivity effect

Customer benefits:
—Energy saving、Reduce the cost on enterprise operation,To promote the production capacity, Improve products quality
—Upgrade reliability of terminal equipment and quality of electric energy
—Extend the working lift of the equipments

Features of the Plan
— Integrality

Problems about low voltage 400V power distributionProductsMain functions
enCement Industry(图7)


Problem about mixed power supply of street lamp, life , office and industry’power

WBJ series of intelligent precise compensation power-saving system

◆ Solve the problem about difficulty of reactive-power compensation resulted from unbalanced three phase in the distribution of low voltage
◆ Raise the power factor to over 0.95 after compensation


enCement Industry(图8)

Torque load for fans and pumps equipment

WBT frequency conversion speed regulator power-saving cabinet

◆ According to direct proportion of output axis and rotation speed’s cubic, effect of obvious power-saving will be gained especially in regulating speed and motive .the rate of power-saving rate can rise to 20-30% on benefits.
◆ Reduce the power wasting of not only improve the efficiency of equipment, but also meet the need of producing process, meanwhile, reduce the power wasting of pumps and fans.

enCement Industry(图9)

Cage type motor for light load or idle load

WDJ motor intelligent type power saver

◆ Use the pattern of soft energy administration so as to precisely match output power and load torque.
◆ Keep constant efficiency of motor under the situation of idle load and light -load
◆ Completely and efficiently filter the momentary current waves, improve the working efficiency of equipment, prolong the working life of equipment and has two functions both on energy saving and protection

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