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Customer requirements:
–Reduce the electric power changes all-around
–Optimize the energy resource structure
–Increase the operating factor of unit quantity of electricity and productivity effect
Customer benefits:
–Energy saving、Reduce the cost on enterprise operation,To promote the production capacity, Improve products quality
–Upgrade reliability of terminal equipment and quality of electric energy
–Extend the working lift of the equipments
Features of the plan:
The structure of solution
The first layer Human/administration

Human-computer network automatic administration systemWSLM power real time monitor and control system(WZB microcomputer integrated protection and control)
The second layerPower distribution and optimizationWTSF series of low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation equipment
Power qualityPower quality Power optimizationWXBZ harmonic suppression equipment
The third layerControl and management on load sideSqueeze workshopTearerWYQ series of liquid starter、WVP series of variable load phase advancer
Load side / equipmentPresserWBT frequency conversion speed regulator 、WZX series of DC driver controller

Crane,gear hobber,juice mixer, cooling water pumpWBJ intelligent precise compensation power-saving system

Extract workshopThree sugar jarsWBT frequency conversion speed regulator

CentrifugeWBJ  intelligent precise compensation power-saving system

Evaporator centrifuge

Honey centrifuge

Clear juice

Neutralizing juice pump

Drive workshopSteam turbine, GeneratorWZB generator protection and control system

Induced draft fan, air blower, washing pump, circulating pump, spray pump, submerged pump, sewage pump, conveyor, packerWBJ series of? intelligent precise compensation power-saving system

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