The high-voltage solid soft starter of Worldwide won a victo

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The high-voltage solid soft starter of Worldwide won a victo

Recently, the marketing center of worldwide again received a good news that sales manager of Northwest area Fu Benwu successfully signed a contract of seven high-voltage solid soft starter and the sum of this contract reaches as high as one million RMB. This contract symbolizes that our company has widely popularized the high-voltage solid soft starter in wood and sugar industries, then won an important breakthrough in mine industry field.

The high-voltage solid soft starter is a new type high-tech energy saving product researched and produced by Worldwide itself. And it enjoys very high reputation among customers all the time. Besides, by rigorous scientific attitude and abundant technology power, Worldwide ranks ahead of a few manufacturers who are able to produce such a starter in the country. With the rapid development of this product in different fields, the dominant position and developing prospect of our product will become more and more obvious in the entire domestic market.

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