Female workers from Worldwide Electric Company Won the Honor

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Female workers from Worldwide Electric Company Won the Honor

Recently, we heard from Hubei General Labor Union, female workers from Worldwide Electric Company won the honorary title of “advanced female worker organization in Hubei province”.

 In recent years, with the steady development of our company, female worker team is gradually growing, now having 39% female workers in the total staff. Worldwide Electric Company pays much more attention on female workers, specially setting up female worker committee, and actively organizing female workers to participate in the company’s operation and management. The female worker team becomes one indispensable backbone, playing an important role. Company female worker committee sincerely provides service for female workers, protecting the legitimate rights and interest of female workers. The committee holds up the health “Unbrella” through carrying out the female worker physical examination every year, holiday benefits, carrying out regular female worker health knowledge lecture forms.

Winning the provincial advanced female worker organization, it is not only to affirm the work performance of Worldwide Electric Company Female Worker Committee caring female worker and providing service for female worker, but also to mobilize Worldwide Electric Company female worker’s work enthusiasm, greatly to inspire the enthusiasm of female worker to make contribution based on their position.

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