MNS 380V ~660V drawer type switchgear cabinet

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MNS 380V ~660V drawer type switchgear cabinet

1. Main function
(1). Power distribution control cabinet for power generation and supply system
 (2). Centralized control of motor
 (3). Reactive power compensation at same time

2. Suitable place 
 (1). All places where required high reliability and safe power distribution and motor  control.
 (2). For  rated working voltage380V- 660V electric system
 (3). Successfully widely used by national engineering designing institute, mining company, cement mill, stell mill,sugar factory,wood industry, chemical industry, city planning, high building, light industry, commucial center,etc.

3. Cabinet characteristic
 It is top world level technique ,high intelligent assemble way, easy operation and maintenance.
 (1). All component are standard type, conveninet for project planning.
 (2). Drawer can be built up into different modes freely.
 (3). The frame of the cabinet selects tee bend connection of 25mm modulus special C section bar, which is assembled by locking screws and high strength screws.
 (4). The cabinet body is made of cold rolled steel or  imported A-zinc alloy plates.
    (5). The equipment  is with function :Anti electric arc ,earthquick resistance, oscillation reistance, shock reistance.
 (6). The cabinet body is free of maintenance to most extent.

4. Drawer function
 (1). Each drawer is independent, and seperated entirely, and each one can exchange internally.
 (2). The drawer is contained of several engine function parts, it has place  with CONNECTION/ TEST/ SEPERATE/ MOVE OUT, and can locked seperately. the display/ control/ human-machine face to face panel are centralized  in front board
 (3). Through hand shank and interlock, can accurately fix postion  in CONNECTION/ TEST/ SEPERATE/ MOVE OUT . each position


Rated voltage
Ratd voltage impacte indurance
Rated frequency
Grounding system
Ratd voltage of auxiliary circuit
AC380,220v/ DC220v
Maximum coil in and out broken circuit
Pollution degree
Rated current
Horizontal busbar rated current
Vertical busbar rated current
Horizontal busbar ratd shorttime withstand current
Horizontal busbar rated peak value withstand current
Vertical busbar rated short time withstand current
Vertical busbar rated peak value withstand current

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