HXGN high voltage switchgear cabinet

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HXGN high voltage switchgear cabinet

1. Main function
 (1). Suitable for 3KV to 12KV 3 phase AC 50Hz ring net electric system, or terminal power supply system.
 (2). Receiving & distribution power energy
 (3). Also suitable for transformer substation
    (4). Successfully widely used by Three Georges project, national engineering designing institute, mining company, cement mill, stell mill,sugar factory,wood industry, chemical industry, city planning, and other place with big power motor and high electric consume place.
2. Executive standard
 GB3904; GB3906; GB16926; GB/T11022; GB15166; GB1985; IEC420
3. Structure feature
 (1). Ring net cabinet with full-closed metal structure, to prevent foreigh matters get into cabinet to cause short circuit, also prevent human touch electrified working parts.
 (2). Multi safety protection function.
 (3). Easy operation and maintenance.
 (4). Observe window for easy check inside condition.
4. The main chamber are
 Cable chamber;  --- for cable connection, also install breaker /arrester/current sensor/earth switch/safety lock.
 Switch control chamber---loaded switch(SF6) /dasymeter/ gas density relay
    Lower voltage chamber ---interlock device/ operation device / indicator
generatrix chamber---on top of cabinet, 3 phase generatrix
 Each chamber are seperated individually to avoid interfere, and keep safety.
5. Working condition
 No drip on cabinet,  no explosive ,no corrosion gas.


Rated voltage 
1min high voltage test with working frequencycomparativelyKV42
1min high voltage test with working frequencyseperate fractureKV48
struck impulse endurancecomparativelyKV75
struck impulse enduranceseperate fractureKV85
service lifevacuum arc -chutetimes1000
service lifeisolating switch; earthing switchtimes2000

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