GCS low voltage electric distribution cabinet

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GCS low voltage electric distribution cabinet

1. Main function
 * Suitable for all low voltage system under 4000A
 * Electric system receiving/distribution receiving
 * Motor control
 * Widely used in all industry and area where need reliable low voltage distribution and motor contorl

2. Executive standard
 IEC60439; GB7251.1

3. General instruction
 * GCS is a modularized and multi-function low voltage power distruting and motor control cabinet.
 * The mix cabinet. The drawer unit and the fixed unit can be mixed assembled in one cabinet. 8E is a unit according to the module.It is applicable to the situation that the distribution loop and the motor control loop both exist.
 * The fixed isolating cabinet. Each loop unit are isolating with each other. Plug circuit breaker or withdrawable circuit breaker is adopted for the convenient of the maintenance and inspection.It is mainly applicable to the distribution loop or the control loop of the motor of large power.
 * Adopts flexible body height, multiiple type and specification of components can be installed acording to demands.
 * It with full assembled structure, special section bar structure and connection mode, can meet the requirement of a rigorous construction time limit and power continuity.
 * High -level reliablility and safety, humanized design, reinforced the protection of personal and equipment safety
 * The frame of the cabinet selects tee bend connection of 8MF cross-sectional material (modulus: E=20mm), which is assembled after fastened by locking screws and high strength screws.

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