KYN high voltage metal -clad switch cabinet

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KYN high voltage metal -clad switch cabinet

1. Main special feature
       (1). Anti-corrosion aluminized and galvanized steel cabinet, can be used in complex working situation.
 (2). With flexible hardcart, easy for operation and maintenance.
 (3). Full safety protection for human and electric grid.
 (4). Multi loope distribution way

2. General
 KYN28  is a complete set of indoor equipment for power distribution / receiving, protecting and supervisng the circuit.


Rated voltage


3.KV to24KV
Rated current of breaker
630, 1250,1600,2500,3150
Rated current of switch gear
630, 1250,1600,2500,3150
Rated short time withstand current
Peak value withstand curent


3. Features
 (1). Strict protection step to ensure personal safety.
 (2). The cable room can be installed as many as 6 to  9 single-core cables.
 (3). Operation and testing positions will be established for the handcart, and both positions are equipped with safe and reliable positioning device and display device
 (4). The enclosure is completely assembled from aluminized and galvanized steel plate, which are machined and bent by machine tool and then bolted.
 (5). It has high mechanical strength and its neatness and beauty is ensured.
 (6). The switchboard door is sprayed with plastic, also has strong capacity of impact   resistance and corrosion protection.
 (7). The primary switch may be provided with VD4 vacuum circuit breaker and C3 series of fixed type load switch from ABB, various domestic vacuum circuit breakers (such as VS1, VH1, VK, ZN28) may also be provided in lieu of the same foreign products.
 (8). Front door is installed with a observation window to check the operating state of the components inside the room.

4.  Conformity standard
  GB3906,GB/T11022, IEC60298,CE, DL/T404

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