WGQH HV solid soft starter

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WGQH HV solid soft starter

     Our WGQH HV solid soft starter is suitable for 10kV or less then 10kV cage type motors. It adopts DSP controlling techniquie, SCR series or parallel to monitor and protect the motor. Compared with the traditional starting mode, it can set the starting torque, starting current, starting time, stop time and also connect with microcomputer and PLC to control the grid. It is widely used in fan, water pump, ball mill, crane, crusher etc. Very popular in cement, metallurgy, mining, oil producton, chemical industry, water treatment, petrochemical industry etc.

2. Features
   (1). Adopts imported thyristor and professional insulating materials, which is suitable for motor characteristics.
   (2). High reliable: the main circuit is component structure, modular installation. With multiple over-voltage protection, reliable enough.
    (3). Perfectly isolation of different currents: the system adopts high anti-interference digital trigger and CT isolation transmission, avoid the mutual interference between strong and weak electricity.
    (4). Unique fault check and adjust system, it can pass the test results to control circuits quickly, alarm and take measures to prevent the fault to expand.
    (5). Working efficiency of High Voltage Soft Starter is as high as 97%, much more competitive in the market.
    (7). Multiple protections, over-current, short-circuit, limit current, over-voltage, over-load, missing phase etc.
    (8). Special design of heat emission can cooling the thyristor quickly
    (9). Many starting methods:soft start, double-voltage slope starting, kick start etc.
   (10). Small size, low power consumption, high sensitivity, easy to install etc..

3. Working conditions
    Temperature -40 ~ +50 degrees centigrade
    Humidity < = 90%
    Altitude <= 2000m
    Working voltage:The highest working voltage should be not more than 110% of rated voltage
    Frequency 50/60 Hz

4. Order notice
    The following parameters should be provided when make an order:
    (1). Motor rated power, rated voltage, load and working conditions
    (2). All the parameters on the motor nameplate
    (3). If any special requirements, pls note in advance

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