WGQ8 intelligent squirrel cage motor soft starter

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WGQ8 intelligent squirrel cage motor soft starter

1. Main function
   Motor will create big current shake if start directly ( 5-8 times more than rated current), it makes big strike for electic grid and loaded equipment, heavily reduce motor and equipment service life,Sometimes motor burnt .so,stepless smooth start and stop is neccessory

2. WGQ8 type suitable motor
    For 5.5kw~550kw squirrel cage AC motor stepless soft start/stop  and motor control
3. Application
    (1). Pump: with pump control function, reduce pump current water hammer brought about by the liquid current impaction at starting and stopping, save the maintenance cost of the system.
    (2). Ball mill: with voltage slope starting, reduces the wear and tear of the gear torque , and work load of maintenance
 and lengthens  the service lift.
    (3). Fan: the solid soft starter replaces the traditional starter, reduces wear and tear and mechanical shock.
    (4). Compressor: using current limiting , to realize smooth start and lower the motor templerature rise.
    (5). Crusher: locked rotor protection and quick protection make it to avoid motor over-hearting /burning  caused by mechanical faults and block.
    (6). Converying machinery: soft starting and stop control realize the smooth and gradual start process, and smooth slowing stop ,thus avoid damage caused to material and equipment by shocks.
4. Operating principle
    WGQ8 intelligent starter adopts three pairs of parallel thyristor put in the stator loop of motor,use switch function of thyristor to control its touching angle with microcontroller, so as to control input voltage of the motor  to make it soft start. When motor start is over and current of motor falls to the oridnary level, it can control bypass signals to motivate bypass switch, put the motor parallel to the power grid.
5. Intelligent performance characteristics
    (1). Controllable start current: under common load condition, start current can be controlled <= rated 1.5~4Iq. , reduce the start current and motor temperature.
    (2). 6 kinds of start way: voltage slop start, current-limit slope start, impulse jump start, slope steady start, steady start and point start which are applicable to all kind of loads.
    (3). Two shut down way: SOFT SHUT DOWN and FREE SHUT DOWN. 
    (4). Protection and monitor: 17 kinds of protection role: such as over/ under voltage, over/under current, overheat, overload, short circuit, open-phase, overheat, communication faults, etc. It will stock the fault data for user's analyze.
   (5). With strong anti-interference ability: adopt high performance microprocessor digital control,reliable working and strong anti-interference ability.
   (6). 5 digital LED Lixie tube display function ,display current range is 0~99999A,display the full statue of motor ;also can select LCD display,human-man friendly communication
   (7). With cross moving mode (contactor bypass mode).
   (8). RS485 computer connection and DCS remote control interface.
   (9). 4~20mA standard simulate current output.
  (10). Small device size, with easy maintenance.

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