WZBT Motor Frequency Converter Speed Controller

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WZBT Motor Frequency Converter Speed Controller

1. Main function
 (1). Rotor frquency conversion to change motor speed
 (2). Keep motor move in most economic way with variable load
 (3). Multi motor fault protection function
 (4). High efficiency in power save

2. Characteristic
 (1). Smooth speed regulation performance, with hgih  regulation precision.
 (2). Super starting performance: Adopt liquid resistance to start, economical and reliable. The entire starting process switches automatically.
 (3). Boost converter adopts new big power full-controlled IGBT. It no need assitant shut-off circuit, safe and reliable.
 (4). Flexible and convenient control way: Free conversion of regulation ,full speed operation, open loop, close loop operation, in situ and distant control.
 (5). Complete protection way : Portection function as over voltage, three phase voltage unbalance, over current, short circuit, etc.  
 (6). System automatically records malfunction information  and put motor into full-speed operation or stop.
 (7). Independent DC power supply with several loops ,ensure the reliability of power supply operation.

3. Application
 It adopts lowe voltage to control high voltage,regarded as a reasonable scheme for high voltage motor speed regulation. Suitable for fans and pumps in different industries.
 Successfully widely used by Three Georges project, national engineering designing institute, mining company, cement mill, stell mill,sugar factory,wood industry, chemical industry, city planning, and other place with big power motor and high electric consume place.

4. Main technical parameters


Rated voltageAC380V+- 10% ( three phase and lines)
Speed regulation range(50-98) % ne + 100% ne
Average speed regulation efficiency>98.9%
Speed regulation precision:>99.8%
Current harmonic wave<4%
Over loading capacity1.8 times > rated load
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