WBB Automatic high voltage compensation capacitor bank

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WBB Automatic high voltage compensation capacitor bank

1. Application
 Industry with high-voltage motor or 3-10KV power supply system.

2. Main function
 (1). Circuit factor power compensation , improve power factor over 0.95.
 (2). Regulating power network voltage quality.
 (3). Reducing cable power consumption ,reduce line loss.
 (4). Improving the quality of power supply ,stabilize power quality.
 (5). Increase load ability

3. Characteristic
 (1). Equipped with good discharge measures , residual voltage decrease to less than 50V in 1 miniute when the devices cut off from network.
 (2). High pressure ejecting fuse are adopted as short circuit protection for single capacitor to ensure the safe operation of the devices. The main protections include neutral unbalanced current protection, split triangular voltage protection and voltage differential protection.
 (3). Series reactors with impedance ratio of 1%-13% is adopted to limit the switching-on current and the 3rd harmonic and above
    (4). Perfect protective measures including, over-current, transient break, over-voltage, low voltage and so on, with a separate protective screen to ensure safe running.

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