WBJ accurate compensation system

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WBJ accurate compensation system

1. Main function
 (1)improve electric energy to a much higher quality level
 (2)reactive power compensation, improve power factor to 0.99
 (3)stabilize voltage, eliminate 3 phase imbalance
 (4) reduce line loss

2. Suitable place
 220V to 380V Low voltage electric grid, especially suitable to enterprised with several power equipping workshop.

3. Working principle
 (1)It takes power capacity conpensation controller as the kernel controller which sample in an AC way and do high performance power distributing controlling like FFT Furiei transforming and harmonic analysis.
 (2)The controller takes digital signal processor DSP as central part, using LCD displayer.
 (3)Basing on this controller, power capacity precise compensation can be realized, reactive current lowered and power consumption be reduced.

4. Unique feature
 (1) LCD displayer,real-time display including 3 phase parameter as voltage, current,active power, reactive power, frequency, switch on  and removal.
 (2) Automatic phase adjustment.
 (3) Protection function: exceed voltage ,lacking voltage, over limited harmonic voltage.
 (4) Can reduce the working current at least 20% to grid with inductive load motor.

5. Technical data


Style name
WBJ precise compensation power -saving device

working voltage

220V;240V;380V +/- 10%

measurement precision(sample voltage 220V)
power factor
active power
+/-0.5 degree
reactive power
+/-0.5 degree
working condition
working temperature
-5C ~ 40C
relative humidity
<90% (20C)
fire,explosion, chemical corrosion
installation way
Supply the following information for plan
capacitor metal name plate information
capacity type
rated current
min and max working current
electric meter information
working voltage
working current
workshop condition
load type ( such as pump, mill ball etc)

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