WDBP Dynamic low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet

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WDBP Dynamic low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet

1. Advantages

       (1). High efficiency in improve power factor,abvious energy saving effect.
 (2). Reduce line loss and transformer loss absorb most port of harmonic current
 (3). Long lifespan,especially in occasion of variable load and power factor, longing    
several times than switching type contactor.
 (4). Fast response within 10ms.
 (5). Non-contact switching, can applied to dust place or other places of high envirionment requirement.
 (6). Automatic heat elimination design
 (7). With following protection function:
   over-voltge, open -phase, single fuse over current, under volage, inrush current, suppress the ligh harmonic
 (8). Equipped with reactive power self-controller.
 (9). The interval of switching time is adjustable,so that the reactive power consumption of the electric network can be controlled at a lower situation in order to improve the quality of the voltage ,  reduce consumption of distribution system and transformer.


Long term over voltage
no exceed 1,1 Un
Long term over current
no exceed 1.35 UN ( including harmonic wave)
Rated capacity
60Kvar to 370 Kvar
Rated voltage


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