WSPJ 3 phase electromagnetic balanced power saver

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WSPJ 3 phase electromagnetic balanced power saver

1. Suitable place 
               High power consumption areas, AC 380V +/1 10% electric circuit
     Such as  mining enterprises ,petroleum, chemical industry, textile, machinery plant stores, hotel, office building, supermarket, squares , street lighting and so on.

2. Main function
      (1). Balance 3 phase electromagnetic
      (2). Reduce null line current, save power 10% ~ 15%
      (3). Reduce harmonic pollution, voltage fluctuation
      (4). Improve circuit working quality.

3. Working principle
      WSPJ power saving technique is mainly reconstruct low volatge power system,
using special windings’ inter-cross and combination, 3phase flux cross-linking complementation of the balaqne control transforming sytem to ensure the magnetic potential consitency among phases, so to reach 3 phase voltage balance reduction of null line current as kernel working principle.

 4. Technical date



WSPJ three phase electromagnetci balaned power saver
Technical date
Rated voltage
AC 380V +/- 10%
3 phase
rated current
rated frequency
50Hz+/- 2%
Insulation degree
cooling style
wind cooling
Working condition
working temperature
-5C ~ +40C
relative humidity
<90% (20C)
install place
indoor / outdoor

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