WPGJ Accurate reactive power compensation device

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WPGJ Accurate reactive power compensation device

 1. Description

           WPGJ power factor correction cabinet for electric circuit.

  2. Main function
    (1). Reduce reactive power ,the power factor increased to over 0.95.
     (2). Improve voltage quality
     (3). Reduce line loss, decrease temperature.
     (4). Increase efficiency of the transformer load factor and electrical equipment.


        3. Unique Feature
      (1). Self-heating metallization shunt capacitors are used, which is equipped with internal safety device and boasts of hgh reliability and efficiency.
      (2). Adopt dry type self-heating capacitor , small volume, low weight ,large capacity.
      (3). Automatic switch on / off performance, accoridng to power factor.
      (4). Self- discharge function, remaining voltage will decreased lower than 50V in one minute after switch off ; full protection.



WPGJ low voltage compensation cabinet
Rated Voltage
240V ~ 600V
Working conditon
Ambient temperature
-40C ~ + 50C

Supply the following information for plan
capacitor metal name plate information
capacity type
rated current
min and max working current
electric meter information
working voltage
working current
workshop condition
load type ( such as pump, mill ball etc)

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