WNK electric energy recycle power saver

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WNK electric energy recycle power saver

 1. Range of application
            (1). Suitable for static energy load, large inertia load, frequently accelerate and brake for long time place.       (2). Energy saving reform for elevator and affiliated with equipment.
       (3). Energy saving  for cranes( small power), lifter and affiliated with equipment.
       (4). Affiliated with various lifters used in vertical well, oblique well, single channel, double channel of mines and energy-saving reform.
       (5). Affiliated with various cranes and ports lifters and energy saving reform.
       (6). Energy recycle and saving with high reliablity for other centrifuges used in factory.
       (7). Other sites need continually producint electricity and feedback power network.

 2. Working Principle and Characteristic 
       (1). The mechanical energy from moving load can be changed into electricity power by energy feedback equipment, then return to AC power network  which can supply the electricity for other equipment.
               It can make motor dragging system reduce the loss of electricity energy in unit time for the purpse of saving electricity power.

       (2). Substitute: break unit+resistance = energy feedback WNK
     energy saving: feedback regeneration energy to power network, efficiency can reach to 97, increase economic benefits and protect environment.

      (3).Safety: adopting advanced electronic technologh and high-power IGBt AS SWITCH ACCESSORY
       Adopting PWM pulse width modulation technology, the output phase is accurated  and it can prepress high order harmonic wave.  

            (4). Adopting DSP CPU with high speed, high precision ,goods reliablility, strong anti-jamming ability.
       Voltage aberrance rate<5%, accordance with IE61000-3-2 and GB/T 14549 for power network harmonic wave. 

            (5). Recycle: adopting self-diagnosis technology to assure the accuracy of output voltage, prevent electricity returning and make the transducers work without any influence.
      Practicability: goods effect of system power saving, low heating, high safety and less maintenance.  

            (6). Able to use parallel ocnnection applied in the large power places.
         Over heat protection:L 70C
         Feedback efficiency: above 97% 

         (7). Working records: DC generatrix voltage, DC generatrix current, AC sidetrack voltage, feedback current, modulation ration, and control angle, record data within the latest 3.5 minutes.

    2. Display
      State display: three states--waiting, working and malfunction.
      Operating monitor: display 4 different states: DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage and feedback current.
      Malfunction display: display malfunction code and automatically record the codes in EROM for 2.5s before maulfunction.

3. Enviroment
      Installation place: indoors, the altitude does not exceed 1000m, no sunshine, no dust conducting electricity and no corrosible gas
     Vibration degree: below 0.5kg

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