WDY battery charging and discharging test machine

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WDY battery charging and discharging test machine

Range of application

  Suitable for charge, discharge battery , measurement of various lead-acid battery and alkaline battery.

Working principle
  The device adopt advanced double closed loops PID feedback control. technology, to commutate toward working voltage and current of charge and discharge machine.
  Micro controller give voltage and curent signals according to program set and calculate compare with DC side voltage and current signal that close loop system feedback.
  By regulating circuit, it controls touching pulse output by phase shift chip to arouse thyristor to commutate as well as change electricity charge and discharge by contactor.
  When the machine is on work, system can timely feedback voltage and current signals of DC side. one hand, comparing to set point it automatically regulate to make set point keep accordance with voltage/current parameters,  another hand, it transmit these signals to micro controller and display the actual numbers timely on the LCD board by calculation.


  Performance and characteristic.
  Energy saving: adopting active contravariant to feed back energy of battery into power network when it discharge , so the energy loss will be greatly reduced
  Practicability; several modes of charging and discharging. It automatically change for different section by time, power capacity ,voltage.
  Safety: Complete protection function for both software and hardware. also had malfunction protection of over/lower voltage, current cut, over/lower current, over heat
  Micro-computer control, Host computer contorl system, Power off protection function, Data collection, Date-processing, Stable performance

WDY battery charging and discharging test machine(图1)

  (2). Monitor software
        Each monitor machine may monitor 128 loops at most and regulate the loop mumbers of software monitor according to actual parts conditions.

  Main function of software
  Timely monitor the working parameters of every loop in machine of prsent system, display in the window mudule of each loop and provide timely the malfunction alert
control and operation: operate on single loop or multi-loops a the same time.
  Record image analysis of date, export data and print

WDY battery charging and discharging test machine(图2)

Device parameter
loop (N)
1 to 10 optional
rated output V (optional)
300V;320V; 340V ;350V, optional
rated output I (optional)
40A, 50A, 60A, 100A, 150A, 200A ,250A, 300A, 350A, 400A, 450A , optional

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